Covid-19 Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment has been carried out following the guidelines from The Professional Association of Self-Caterers (PASC)

Assessment carried out by: Jennie Sykes

Date last assessment was carried out: 01/07/2021    

Potential Hazards

  • Contamination of the site by guests who are asymptomatic or who develop symptoms while in situ.

  • Transmission of the virus between guests or between guests and host/contractors/suppliers.

Who is at Risk?

  • Other guests on site or with subsequent bookings, particularly the elderly or those with underlying health conditions.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Contractors and their immediate families, particularly if they care for relatives who are elderly or have underlying health conditions.

  • The wider public locally.


Actions to Control Risk

Anybody (guests, contractors, cleaners, visitors) who or lives with someone who is

  • exhibiting symptoms,

  • has a positive test result,

  • who has any reason to believe they may have come into close contact with the virus up to 10 days prior to their booking, or

  • have been contacted by NHS Track and Trace

Must follow the Government's instruction to self-isolate and follow NHS guidelines.  Therefore, they should not arrive on site.

We will ask guests to follow the current guidelines on social distancing.  Castle House Farm Cottage has only three cottages, a laundry room and private office/residence. It is relatively easy for guests to avoid contact with each other. 


Guests will be asked to follow the current government guidelines in respect of any guests they may have on site.


Guest check in and check out will be contact less, keys will be left in a prearranged location. Guests will be encouraged to contact the owners, site managers by telephone or email, during their stay and asked not to contact in person via the office or farm house unless absolutely necessary.


Guests are advised that food deliveries are available via the local major supermarkets, Sainburys, Tesco, Morrisons, and Asda.  Guests should check directly with the supermarkets for availability. Guest are also advised of local restaurants and take-aways offering takeout meals.


We will provide additional cleaning materials for guests to clean and disinfect their cottage during and at the end of their stay. 

Guests are encouraged to sanitise the handles of the doors and controls of the machines before and after use, of the laundry room during their stay.  Depending on the level of occupancy, restrictions on the use of the laundry room may be implemented.

Site management and staff will only enter cottages during a stay if absolutely necessary, for example in the event of failure of a major appliance or key piece of equipment.  Minor maintenance jobs will not be complete until the premises are vacated and subsequently cleaned.


Implement Changes to cleaning policy

We always strive to maintain extremely high standards of cleanliness at Castle House Farm Cottages. 

For the duration of the Corvid-19 outbreak we have decided to adopt the cleaning practices recommended by The Professional Association of Self-Caterers (PASC)


Our cleaning checklist is here


All hard surfaces will be cleaned and then disinfected, following the manufacturer’s instructions for dilution, application and contact times for all detergents and disinfectant.  

We will pay particular attention to frequently touched areas and surfaces, such as bathrooms, kitchens, door handles,...

We will also reduce the amount of soft furnishings provided, and full linen will not be provided for beds that are not expected to be used. 

The cottage will be thoroughly deep cleaned after each occupant.

To Protect our Cleaning Team we will:​

  • Provide appropriate PPE face mask, rubber gloves and plastic aprons.

  • Ask guests to strip their own beds (whether used or not) and put used linen in bags provided.  

  • Ask guest to bag kitchen laundry and dispose of cleaning cloths.

  • Ask guests to empty all bins and place tied bags into the external waste bin.

  • This policy will be reviewed regularly until the Government advises that the Covid-19 threat has passed.