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Castle House Farm Holiday Cottages - Terms & Conditions

1.    The proprietors are defined as Castle House Properties Ltd.
2.    Terms and conditions are taken in whole or in part from the English Tourism Council, The Pink Booklet. A practical guide to legislation for accommodation providers.

3.    Reservations can be by telephone, letter, email, or verbally.
4.    Reservations are subject to written confirmation by the proprietors confirming the date of arrival, date of departure, rate, special requirements, if any, and deposit.
5.    Acceptance of a reservation is a legally enforceable contract between both parties.
6.    Any special requirements must be stated and agreed at the time of booking. Special requirements include a cot, high chair, pets, extra bed(s), disabled people's access arrangements, and parties/assemblies.

Payment terms
7.    A confirmation of booking will be sent and a 25% deposit should be paid by return and to reach us not any later than 7 days from the booking date to secure the reservation(s).
8.    An invoice will be raised and the balance of the invoice less any deposits should be sent to reach us not less than 28 days before the date of arrival.  
9.    Preferred payment methods are BACS, debit card, or cash. For guests without a GBP bank account, we also accept credit cards.

Late Bookings
10.    For reservations where the booking date is less than 28 days before arrival date the full invoice amount is due for payment by a return to reach us not less than 7 days from the booking date.

Reservation and payment deviations
11.    Any deviated from conditions 3 to 10 can only be by the mutual agreement of both parties.

Price Inclusions
12.    Included in the standard prices is the provision of bed linen, towels, water, electric & gas; self-contained cooking facilities including a microwave, cooker, fridge, kitchen cutlery and utensils, TV, DVD, cleaning equipment, iron, and ironing board. 
13.    Access to the laundry room and use of the washer and coin-operated dryer, guests must provide washing powder.

Arrivals and Departures
14.    Arrival times are normally between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm.
15.    Departures. Guests are requested to vacate the cottages by 10:00 am on the day of departure. Self-catering cottages should be left clean and tidy ready for the next guests, the proprietors reserve the right to charge for extra cleaning. An end of stay cleaning service is available at extra cost.
16.    The proprietors will make every effort to facilitate arrivals and departures outside the standard hours but will require prior notification to make any necessary arrangements.

House Rules
17.    We would be grateful if you would help us maintain our standard of accommodation for your comfort.
The cottages are let and equipped for the number of guests booked; no extra guests are allowed to sleep in the cottages other than the number of beds pre-booked.
Parties - Family, social, wedding party assemblies, and other parties and assemblies are only by agreement with the proprietors and must have a prior agreement regarding numbers and details.
Please do not allow children to take food and drinks out of the kitchen area.
Pets - Guests are reminded that pets are restricted to the kitchen areas only and are not to be left unattended.
All cottages are non-smoking of any substance including vaping but there is an outside courtyard seating and provision.

18.    In the event of the guest cancelling the reservation more than 3 calendar months before the arrival date, the deposit will be refunded less a £10.00 administration fee and no further charge will be made. Any other balances paid will be returned to the guest.
19.    In the event of the guest cancelling the reservation more than 28 days before the arrival date, the deposit is non-refundable but no further charge will be made. Any balances paid other than the deposit will be returned to the guest.
20.    In the event of the guest cancelling the reservation less than 28 days before the arrival date, all reasonable efforts will be made by the proprietors to re-let the accommodation. In the event that the proprietors re-let the accommodation, the deposit is non-refundable but no further charge will be made. In the event that the proprietors are unable to re-let the accommodation then the guest will be held liable to two-thirds of the total invoice value. Any outstanding balances can be charged against the guest’s credit/charge card, if applicable without the cardholder being present.
21.    In the event of non-acceptance of the accommodation or a suitable alternative, then this will be treated as a cancellation unless the guest can prove that the proprietors have made an untrue statement or misrepresentation.
22.    The proprietors reserve the right to cancel reservations in the event of untrue statements by guests or if there are reasonable grounds for believing that they would be a nuisance to other guests and residents. In this event condition 20 will apply.
23.    Cancellation due to Covid-19 government travel restrictions will be compensated by rearranging alternative dates for your stay subject to availability without any administration charge, or by refund in full.  Cancellation due to Covid-19 symptoms/self-isolation prior to arriving on site will be compensated by rearranging alternative dates for your stay subject to availability without any administration charge.

Covid-19 / Self-Isolation
24.    Please do not arrive on site if you have developed any of the Covid-19 symptoms. See Cancellations clause 23.


As a reminder the symptoms are:
-    High temperature – feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
-    New, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, 3 or more coughing episodes in 24hours (if you usually have a cough it may be worse than usual)
-    Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal


25.    Please inform us immediately if you develop any of the Covid-19 Symptoms whilst staying at our accommodation.  You will need to follow the government self-isolation requirements, should you require medical assistance please use the website or call the NHS helpline 111, if life-threatening please call the Emergency Service 999 for an ambulance.
26.    You will be required to pay in full for any additional nights’ stay to complete your isolation period or if you are not well enough to travel post self-isolation.
27.    We will also require you to pay for 3 additional nights post departure to allow the cottage to be fully deep cleaned and sanitized following your stay.

Guests’ Vehicles, Parking, Baggage and Belongings
28.    The proprietors do not accept any responsibility for injury, loss, or damage to guests' baggage and belongings except as a direct consequence of negligence by the proprietors.
29.    The proprietors provide one parking space per cottage; additional vehicle parking is available in areas designated by the proprietors. Guests are requested to respect the convenience of other guests and residents and their vehicles.
30.    All vehicles and contents are left at the owner’s risk.

Breakages and Damage
31.    Guests are requested to bring to the proprietors’ attention as soon as practicable any breakages or damage for repair/replacement.
32.    Guests may be held responsible for reasonable costs in repair/replacement of any damage, breakages or loss not due to reasonable wear and tear.

Complaints Procedure
33.    The proprietors’ aim is that you should enjoy your stay at Castle House Farm Cottages in comfortable and well-appointed accommodation. In the unlikely event that you should have reason for complaint, the proprietors undertake to take all reasonable steps to rectify the reason for the complaint or reach a mutually amicable solution not excluding reasonable compensation.

Revisions of terms
34.    Terms and conditions are subject to revision by the proprietors without prior notice.


Revised January 2020

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